Special rewinder type PK-1200 is used to rewind the wires from the drum to the drum.
The device consists of two independent stands with the following parameters

Winding stand

Dispatch stand
drum mounting: in centers, hand clamp with a handwheel
maximum diameter of the drum: 1200 mm
maximum drum weight: 500 kg
raising and lowering drums: manually by means of a hydraulic or electric actuator

A brake to prevent the drums from running apart and allowing tensioning the rewound cable.

Winding stand
maximum diameter of winding drums: 1200 mm
maximum diameter of the rewound cables: 20 mm (option 40 mm)
Possibility to wind the cables on a dismountable frame drum screwed to the driving disc.
drive: infinitely variable with smooth regulation
winding speed: adjustable smoothly from the desktop
wire stacker: automatic or manual
Automatic winding stop after reaching the programmed length.

Length measurement
M20 measuring instrument (mechanical counter, readings up to 0.01 m), coupled with a programmable electronic electronic meter.



  • Przewijarka do bębnów kłowa TYP PK-1200