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Recoilers, specialist rewinders and reelers

The KK-1 coiler is designed to coil cables fed from drums or coils.

The coiler is used to coil and measure lengths of cables. The take-up drum has an outer diameter of 1,200 mm and the core diameter is 650 mm. Owing to an additional intermediate disk, the working width of winding is adjustable within the 50-450 mm range. After the front plate is removed, drum core diameter reduces to facilitate unloading of coils.

This machine is designed for coiling and reeling cables from rack pay-offs onto drums.

The machine is designed for coiling and reeling cables onto commercial drums. Commercial drums are fixed in clutches and electrically lifted. The drums are driven via a driving plate.

The PPK rewinder is used to rewind cords and cables from drums onto spools or, optionally, from drums onto drums.

See the examples of small electrically driven coilers below. The coiling speed may be constant or infinitely variable, as requested by the customer. Diameter of the coiled cords or ropes can reach up to 20 mm.

NPL reelers are intended for coiling or reeling cords, rope, or tubes with diameters of up to 20 mm onto spools.

Drums reeler with : infinitely variable reeling speed, length measuring device, electric drums lifting, automatic cable layer. Machine for drums with max diameter 1200 mm and max weight – 500 kg

Nawijarka do drutu

The machine is designed for spooling or coiling of coil wire.

Nawijarka dwugłowicowa do drutu lub przewodów

DOUBLE HEAD REELER – intended for simultaneous reeling of two wire or cord coils.

The machine is specially customised according to customer requirements.

Nawijarka dwuwrzecionowa do rur

The double spindle reeler for tubes is intended for reeling tubes taken up from an extruder onto drums.

Nawijarka do szpul

The machine is used to spool cords unloaded from barrels.

Cord fed from a barrel is automatically reeled onto spools with dia. 400/500 mm.

Przewijarka do szpul

The machine is designed for rewinding cords, tubes, etc. between two spools. Dimensions of the rewound spools: dia. from 300 to 500 mm.