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Warehouse equipment and other machines

This cable drum jack is designed for paying off or taking up cable from or onto a drum mounted on the load-bearing shaft of the jack.

Uniwersalny Hydrauliczny podnośnik do bębnów kablowych Typ PH 3500

Universal hydraulic jack for drums.

This jack is designed for paying off or taking up cable from or onto a drum mounted on the jack shaft.

Podnośnik do bębnów o średnicy do 2500 mm i masie do 16 t.

Lift for drums with diameters of up to 2,500 mm and weights of up to 16 t.

The supports serve the purpose of paying off cable from drums with maximum drum weight of up to 1,000 kg.

Roller platforms are intended for display and unreeling of cords, rope, etc. from spools and small drums.

They are widely used in shops and warehouses.

Stojaki do odwijania  szpul i wiązek

Disk pay-offs for cables and wires.

We offer a very pragmatic cable drum storage system. It allows a large number of drums to be stored within a relatively small space.

Regały szafowe do przewodów

Cable coils are loaded onto dismountable steel drums. Cable ends are guided out through holes on the cabinet front door. See sample configurations in the photographs.

Stojak obrotowy do przewodów w kręgach

The stand is intended for storage and pay-off of cords supplied in coils. It provides easy access to all coils and comfortable pay-off capabilities.

This rack comes with dismountable drums and is designed for storage, display, and smooth pay-off of cords supplied by their manufacturers in the form of coils.

Urządzenie zdawcze do bębnów - z hamulcem

This unit is intended to pay out cables and rope from drums.

Przecinarka cierna do lin stalowych

This machine is mainly used to cut thick steel wire rope without lifting it off the ground.

The offer includes: sheerer cutters, rack cutters, hydraulic cutters, abrasive cutter.