Our offer includes a very wide variety of machines designed to mechanise cable handling, in its broadest sense, and other works associated with rewinding, winding, reeling, and unwinding of various products.

We manufacture machines that enable or facilitate works related to:

  • Storage of cables, lines, ropes, wires, hoses, pipes, gaskets, tape-like materials, etc.
  • Rewinding
  • Length measurements
  • Cutting
  • Packaging of the above products

In addition to the machines included in our offer, we also manufacture specialised machines tailor-made to customer requirements.

We offer problem analysis as well as design and manufacturing of specialist machines and software for our Customers.

Each machine for length measurements in our offer is subjected to a conformity assessment certified by the Office of Measures and is verified.

Owing to nearly 30 years of experience, our supplies are guaranteed to include reliable and durable machinery. Thousands of machines we manufactured have been successfully operated in numerous enterprises in Poland and globally.

If you have not found the machine you were looking for in our offer, please contact us and submit an inquiry.

Our offer