The machine is designed for rewinding cords, tubes, etc. between two spools. Dimensions of the rewound spools: dia. from 300 to 500 mm.

The pay-off is equipped with a stopper to prevent the drums from falling apart and to apply proper tension to the rewound cord.

As an option, the pay-off can be fitted with a drive cooperating with the take-up drive and providing electrical control of the rewound cord tensioning force.

The pay-off drum and take-up drum are manually mounted on shafts.

Diameter of the rewound cord: up to 15 mm.

Maximum weight of the rewound spools: 50 kg.

Infinitely variable rewinding speed adjustment from a panel. The length measuring device is verified.

The spooled material length is programmable.

The spooled cord is laid manually or automatically (option).

Steel structure, powder-coated.



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