Driving and braking is performed by disc drivers. Optionally, braking and maneuvering drive might also be performed by a rubber shaft at the unloading stand.

KP-01 legalized measuring device.
Additionally, on the control panel one can find a counter, with an easy-to-use cable-length programming device.

Cable placement on the drum might be done manually or automatically.
The drive might be situated either on the unloading or on-winding device. Then, while winding, both drives are electronically coupled, which ensures the appropriate tension of the winded cable. Optionally, on the unloading stand there might be a maneuvering drive and a brake.
The drives are realized by German NORD or Italian Bonfiglioli motorreducers.
Screws are turned in Japan, by NSK.
The winder consists of two, unloading and drive stands, with a cable sorter and a measuring device.
This version of winder requires prior foundations settling, done in accordance with our suggestions.




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